Game Day


Monday 2:30- 4:00 PM

Room :144

Location : FMS

Game Day Group is an activity group for all students looking to bond with peers, make new friends, and form meaningful relationships through a common interest. This group will meet once a week on Mondays and will be focused on playing various board and card games with peers. Through playing games, students will have the opportunity to comfortably interact with others and form friendships that might have been otherwise too difficult. Having a common interest will promote a feeling of safety in a social setting and help those that struggle to connect to others build relationships.

Facilitators: Kristina Woung-Fallon, TeenPride Counselor

Girls' Group


Monday 2:30- 4:00 PM

Room :TBA

This group is intended to meet the unique needs of middle school girls in an engaging and interactive way. Through group work and hands on activities we will cover various relevant topics that will help girls as they move through adolescence and beyond. We will provide a safe space for them to explore a wide range of issues that impact their daily lives as well as their futures. The girls will have an opportunity to build strong connections with one another while learning important life skills. The goals of this group are to promote positive self image, foster healthy relationships, and help the girls to feel empowered to make positive life choices.

Facilitators: Kristina Woung-Fallon, TeenPride Counselor & Cathy Sim MSW, LSW, TeenPride Counselor

Movie Group


Monday 2:30- 4:00 PM

Room :143

Location: FMS

Movie group is an opportunity for all students to watch movies and eat pizza together after school. The students will then engage in meaningful conversations about the messages each movie portrays. Each movie will pertain to a theme that is relevant in the students’ lives, such as friendship, leadership, bullying, fear, identity etc. Together the group will watch the film and then they will engage in interactive discussions and hands-on activities. The students will discuss the messages and themes that are displayed throughout the movie and apply them to their own lives.


Relaxation and Mindfulness

Wednesdays 2:30-4pm

Room: 144
Location: FMS

This group is a group for all students, but especially those that struggle with anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns. This group will meet once a week and will provide a place for students to unwind and relax after school. Students will both actively relax in the group setting, as well as learn tools and techniques on how to cope with stress and anxiety in their every day lives. The group will provide a fun and interactive way to practice self care and teach ways to manage inevitable stress.



Examples of activities:

  • -calm down jars
  • -worry stones
  • -guided meditation
  • -vision boards
  • -yoga
  • -sand art
  • -aromatherapy
  • -slime
  • -stress balls
  • -mindfulness games
  • -calm down box