TeenPride NJ
TeenPride NJ
Changing our country's future one teen at a time.

Our Impact

The TeenPride teen counseling program strives to assist the adolescents to understand themselves, others and the world around them.  Our goal is to give each youth the skills, confidence and knowledge to take responsibility for their lives and navigate their way through life decisions. Through discussions with the counselor they are able to understand their circumstances, discuss fears, frustrations and learn how to set goals and then strive to accomplish their goals.


What We Do

TeenPride offers teen counseling services to engage the youth, build a relationship with them and give them the skills and understanding they need to mature. These programs include: Crisis Intervention, Individual Teen Counseling, Family Counseling, Group Counseling and Job Mentoring. 


Where We Work

The TeenPride Counseling program is centered at Morristown High School, and services are also offered at Frelinghuysen Middle School. We are not limited to working at the schools and provide counseling in the home or where needed.

“Our goal...to give each youth the skills, confidence and knowledge to take responsibility for their lives...”

Group Couseling

Our group counseling discussions are very successful. Groups such as the Boy’s or Girl’s group may address a range of issues based on the students needs such as: academic and school environment; family relationships; dating; peer relations; violence; crime; bullying; pregnancy and prevention; substance abuse and use; stress; self-esteem. Other focused groups deal with specific issues such as anger management, and bereavement.

Each Teen is Unique


One teen may feel isolated and have self-esteem issues. Another teen may be experiencing severe anxiety due to the illness of a parent. Another teen may be using drugs and “at risk” of doing serious harm to themselves. The counselor decides the appropriate course of action and reviews this with the teen and their family.

We Can Help

We understand what other Morris County social services are available to assist the family and will make those recommendations.  TeenPride provides consistency to the teen.  No matter what is going on, TeenPride is a single consistent supportive service and point of contact. 


Acevedo's Achievers


Helping teens Reach their college Goals

Jose Acevedo works with our teens to take the right steps to reach their preferred career path. Jose's students have not only met these goals but have exceeded them. Some of our students have received amazing  scholarships from  phenomenal colleges and universities.

  • Amherst College - $59,000

  • Brown University - $65,000

  • Boston University - $65,000

  • Bowdoin College - $64,000

  • Emory University - $58,000

  • Notre Dame University - $63,000

  • New York University - $60,000

  • University of Southern California - $57,000

  • Swarthmore College - $59,000