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TEENPRIDE Counseling at a glance...

Founded in 1989. TeenPride Counseling has served adolescents and their families from Morristown. Morris Township and Morris Plains for more than 25 years. TeenPride counselors strive to help young people improve their lives by providing free individual, group and family counseling to approximately 300 students each year. Our counseling program is centered at Morristown High School with services also offered at Frelinghuysen Middle School. Our licensed professional counselors work with students struggling with academic, social, emotional, psychological and behavioral issues. Counseling services take place during the school day, in the evening, on school premises, in a client’s home or at a mutually agreed upon location.

Jeff Macko. Director of Counseling. and Marlene Scrivo, Assistant Director of Counseling have worked together for more than 20 years in this setting. Jeff Macko, MA, MSW, LSW has over 42 years of experience counseling teens and their families. He specialized in crisis counseling for “at-risk" youth and has provided counseling services to 6 police departments and 5 school districts.

Our Traditional Program offers individual, family and/or group counseling to approximately 300 students per year. Our clinical team collaborates with all school staff, teachers, administrators, child study team members, guidance counselors, parents/guardians and outside mental health professionals. Crisis counseling is provided on an individual level or district-wide, when necessary. Our counselors also provide peer mediation; bullying awareness, prevention and remediation; lunchtime detention support; college/vocational/post-high school planning; job training and placement; mentoring and connecting students with tutors, coaches, clubs and activities.

Our Intensive Program is approved by the N] Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs. It is located in Frelinghuysen Middle School and is in addition to our traditional program. Our full-time licensed mental health professional along with two part-time licensed supervisors work with a select group of students struggling in any number of ways.

Our clinical counseling services are offered to a comprehensive therapeutic program for participating students in three core-modalities: individual, group and family therapy. These services are mandatory for students referred to this program. Our counselor provides ln-class observations and incorporates a behavior modification program for these students to address individual concerns and help participants remain successful in the classroom.



Our Mission

TeenPride, Inc. strives to help young people improve their lives by providing activities and free individual, group and family counseling, so they may build self-esteem and self-reliance and practice healthy lifestyles.

 The Need We Serve

TeenPride works with the disadvantaged adolescents and families where the demographics alone can mark them as “at risk”.  The youth are at risk of drug use, at risk of teen pregnancy, at risk of high school drop-out or at risk of committing a crime.  Many of our teens strive to do well in school despite difficult challenges.  Many of our teens:  are low income, neglected by their parent, have financial responsibility for the family, have a learning disability, have a substance abuse issue, have emotional and behavioral difficulties.   They are at risk of not meeting their true potential in life. Our counselors understand the need for a holistic approach that reduces personal risk by reducing neighborhood, family, environment and peer-group risks.


Integrated Services

Through our different counseling services and programs at the Teen Center, we teach students the essential character building skills they need to succeed in high school and prepare for life after graduation.  We teach them the social skills they need to accept differences and have healthy relationships.  We teach self-respect and civil discourse.  We help them gain self-esteem.  We teach them how to overcome disadvantages.  We teach them how to avoid negative behavior.  We teach them how to be good students.  We help them see that they can be successful and achieve their dreams.     

The professionals in the Morris School District understand that to focus on social and emotional well-being is an essential component of a good education program. That is why TeenPride has been their education partner and has worked in the school system since 1994.